“Facilitating Conservatorships for Your Adult Child with Special Needs”


When a child with special needs turns 18 years old, many parents assume they will automatically continue to be his/ her legal guardian. You might take care of your adult child financially, have a power of attorney, or be your child's Social Security Representative Payee. However, these things don't make you the legal guardian. After a child with special needs turns 18, the parents may request from the court to obtain legal rights.

Continued advocacy is needed if:

* the adult child is emotionally and socially much younger than adult age and needs protection.

* the adult child has no impulse control and might sign for a subscription or contract without sufficient understanding (such as mobile phone contracts).

  1. *parents want to decide where their adult child can live.

Under these circumstances first degree relatives may choose to conserve their adult child with special needs. 

  I am the parent of twin girls on the autism spectrum, both of whom need support and supervision. And as their eighteenth birthday loomed ahead I began to research what was involved in a conservatorship. I soon realized after looking at several web sites that I would be looking at a cost of three to four thousand dollars apiece, money which I did not have.  More searches, this time with paralegals did not find me much savings, as their costs were two to two and a half thousand dollars per conservatorship. Finally I reached out to my girls’ social worker through San Andreas Regional Center, and was told that there is no public assistance money for this process.

  Knowing that this had to be done, but not knowing where the money would come from I turned to my business consultant who specializes in helping companies become more efficient and effective, her name is Rosalind Sassoon. And she was very open to my questions, and said that she would look into what needed to be done.

   The process of conservatorship is lengthy in the vast amount of paperwork that has to be processed and filed through the court system. Rosalind completed all of this for both of my girls simultaneously in a very speedy manner. The process under her patient guidance was very easy. She took away all my stress, made sure that every detail was taken care of, and the only piece I had to complete myself was showing up in court on the designated day. I found Rosalind to be incredibly thorough, and her attention to detail as always is incredible.

   I highly recommend her services to any parent wanting to avoid the high legal costs of an attorney. This can be filed, by you the parent (without an attorney), and Rosalind can walk you through all the steps, she is wonderful.

Victoria George
Soquel, CA

We specialize in assisting you with the complete process of filing for conservatorship of your adult child with special needs at the fraction of the cost that a lawyer might charge.

Our experience allows us to make the conservatorship process go as smoothly possible.

You might pay a lawyer between $3000 and $6000 for a simple conservatorship but, using our self-help services, we can provide the protection you need for you and your child's peace of mind for a fraction of this amount.

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published by the Judicial Council of California.